My top “60” list of nuggets from Pastor’s teachings

Pastor Bidal’s 60th Birthday Celebration

3 May 2015

This list was compiled by Kim Jones, one of our VHC members,  She gave it to Pastor Torrez on his 60th birthday.  We hope you will enjoy and benefit from this list of teaching nuggets, as well.

1. Pull the trigger (tongue); bullets of God’s Word. 28 Oct 07
2. 2008 will be a radical year. We are going into Amos 9:13 – fertility, security, and stability. God will mark individuals with a mark of perfection that will be untouchable in the demonic realm. Fast year. God will give us the power as in the book of Acts; people are hungry, but there will be a shaking. 14 Nov 07
3. The secret to running faster is to stay in the presence of the Lord. // Don’t aim at the problem; aim at the answer. 30 Dec 07
4. Revelation is like a detective gathering evidence until the last piece explodes into the obvious. 30 Jan 08
5. Sow behind you to create a link so when you arrive at your (current) destination, you’re not alone. Link back through wisdom or alms. 10 Feb 08
6. Pray without ceasing means your attitude is totally dependent on God at all times. 13 Feb 08
7. Warfare is not stopping you from where you’re going. It’s preparing you for when you get there. // To keep the enemy in handcuffs, you have to continue to move from glory to glory. 20 Feb 08
8. If you’re not radiating the glory of God, you’re just a dead lightbulb. 29 Feb 08
9. If you can’t speak your faith; don’t speak your doubts. 14 May 08
10. The busier you are, the more you have to sit at the feet of Jesus. 3 Jun 09
11. Unless you’re in an authoritative position to do something about it, it’s just gossip.
12. If you slam the door on your lesson, you’re going to have to repeat it until you can close the door gently. 14 Jun 09
13. Prayer of faith does not include the word “IF”. 22 Jul 09
14. What are your options? Believe in the Lord! // Praise is the floodlight at the airport looking for planes. We, too, use praise to search out God. 29 Jul 29
15. 2010 is the Year of the Word. Get in the Word. Especially Haggai, Nehemiah, Ezra, Malachi, Psalms 120-134, and Zechariah.
16. Intercession is releasing the lightning/the glory of God into the desired situation. 17 Feb 10
17. If you can get your flesh and spirit to agree, you become a dynamic duo. Don’t be worried about speaking out of your flesh because your mind is renewed. 31 Jan 10
18. God is up to something behind the scenes and the only way to wreck it is with our negative confession. 13 Jun 10
19. Remind the enemy that he is under your feet. He only has room to achieve his plans when we have lack of knowledge. 26 Sep 10
20. After the excitement wears off is your persistence still there? If so, then it’s your assignment / destiny. 29 Sep 10
21. 2011: keynotes are worship; serve the King – in/out of church; and think like Kingdom people. // The world is the outer shell that affects your inner shell. Your inner shell, Jesus, should affect your outer shell. 2 Jan 11
22. God needs something from us to work with: Peter’s shadow, little boy’s lunch, fishing. If you want to be blessed, your first question should be how do I be a blessing? 19 Jan 11
23. You are known in the spirit realm, but what are you known as? 30 Jan 11
24. Test: what pops out first in an emergency / tough situation? Prayer or fear? // If you’re not praying, you’re not exercising dominion. 10 Apr 11
25. 2011 was the year of the four winds (the breath of God). 2012 is the year of reformation and real transformation for those who want it. 27 Nov 11. 2011 is a year of visions and dreams.
26. Dreams / visions are not for entertainment. The purpose is for revelation, counsel, and direction.
27. The reason we hide in Him is so we can be of earthly good to glorify Him. // Continually be filled because you either leak or use it. 16 May 12
28. The biggest hindrance to prayer is unforgiveness. How you treat others is how you treat God. 20 May 12
29. Your attitude is more important than the attack you’re going through. The attack will pass. Your attitude affects you and your future. Protect against bitterness. // Nothing demoralizes satan more than praising Jesus in the middle of a test. 23 May 12
30. All our ministry is done at the gates of hell. // A true servant looks for opportunities to serve. They are willing to be inconvenienced. 31 Oct 12
31. If you’re entering into warfare, plead the blood of Jesus over everyone under your care. Then go into deeper worship and ignore the enemy. The greater light you bring, the more darkness has to flee. 11 Nov 12
32. Prayer for 2013: “That God calls us out” and Hear God say, “Seek My face” 14 Nov 12. Fight to keep God’s perspective; resist temptation to settle for mediocracy; and ask God for His perspective. 6 Jan 13. a year of new beginnings. 24 Feb 13. a grace for intercession. 24 Feb 13
33. To control what is on our heart, we have to protect our thoughts. Thoughts are only unspoken words. // The only thing keeping us from the blessings of God is our mouth. 5 Dec 12
34. When you become radical for God is when you see miracles, signs, and wonders. 9 Jan 13
35. Church is a gathering place of the priests. 16 Jan 13
36. To take communion is an oath saying you are ready to die for Christ. 3 Apr 13
37. When you see someone in the flesh, speak out who he is in the Spirit. Speaking negative is like flinging mud on them. We are supposed to cleanse them. // Roll up your sleeves and bend your knees. 14 Aug 13
38. Withholding your tithe robs God of the privilege of pouring out a blessing over your life. 22 Aug 13
39. When the devil reminds you of the wrong things you have done, instead of feeling condemned, turn it around and say, “Thank you for reminding me. I’m going to take care of that right now.” Then repent. 25 Sep 13
40. Instead of confessing a sickness coming against you, declare, “I feel a healing coming on.” 10 Nov 13
41. 2014: Year of the supernatural. 26 Jan 14. A new generation of wise men being raised. Humble people who can minister to every level of society. 9 Feb 14
42. Getting out of the boat means stepping into the supernatural. 5 Feb 14
43. When we say “more of you, Lord” what you’re really saying is “less of me” so the fullness of God already in us can manifest. 19 Mar 14
44. Confirmation is revelation through people who couldn’t know what the situation is. 9 Apr 14
45. Jesus was crucified on a mountain which is good for visibility sake. Brought to everyone’s attention. The principalities were publicly disgraced and disarmed. 16 Apr 14
46. It is not your sin putting you in hell. It’s your decision not to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior. 20 Apr 14
47. Ask for your mind to be renewed to what it was before the fall. 28 May 14
48. Prayer and praise go together. Prayer is confessing God’s Word. Prayer is the battlefield. 1 Jun 14
49. The measure of faith God put inside you is the measure of faith you need to accomplish what He’s calling you to do. 25 Jun 14
50. 2015: it will be important for us to be people of the Word. Make 2015 a signs and wonders year – not because we’re chasing them, but because we are people of the Word and the Word is confirmed by the signs and wonders. 28 Dec 14. VHC is a portal for the habitation of God. God wants this church active in the act of Pentecost: the power and the gifts. We are to get back to our roots. 25 Jan 15. Preach the truth of Pentecost in love. 8 Feb 15. Our 24th year as a church; Pastor’s 30th year as a believer and 60th birthday. 30 means the priesthood. Governmental anointing on intercessors. As priests, we are entering a new season of intercession. Isa 60:1 Arise and shine for the glory of the Lord is upon you. 30 Apr 15
51. Don’t confuse love with tolerance. 1 Oct 14
52. What the devil is afraid of is your knowledge of the authority you have as a son/daughter of God. 9 Nov 14
53. The secret to Jesus’ relationship with the Father was simply, “I hear and I obey.” // Timing is important. If we miss the timing, we can become an offense. The information may be correct, but we become the trap of satan. 16 Nov 14
54. A sacrifice gets you out of your comfort zone. 30 Nov 14
55. Every word spoken in faith has to be fought for and patience needs to be enforced. 18 Jan 15
56. It takes real faith to forgive. 11 Feb 15
57. Corporate worship must be vocal so the people around us can hear what we think about God. // God will not move because we believe He can do everything. He moves because we are specific in what we believe He can do. He will meet your expectation. We must be specific in our requests. 15 Feb 15
58. When you make a positive confession satan moves in with fear and doubt to cause you to make a negative confession. 1 Mar 15
59. Sometimes boldness comes in the knowing of when to keep quiet because your words will not be received. (Casting your pearls before swine.) 15 Mar 15
60. To every victory, there is a challenge. To be more than a conqueror, there must be a battle. To be a warrior, you must enlist in the battle. We are to be advancing not maintaining. Worshippers are great warriors. 19 Apr 15