Jubilee Circles Fact Sheet


Downloadable Files: jubilee-facts AND jubilee-map

General Directive

In order to cooperate with prophetic words spoken over Wisconsin, Upper Michigan and the surrounding states by local and national prophetic voices, Pastor Bidal Torrez, in following the Holy Spirit, is to establish 12 Jubilee Prayer Circles that cover the entire state of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan.

Purpose —

To learn about, promote and practice intercession –To discover blessings and curses (mapping). Spiritual mapping is the accumulation and organization of historical data, which reveals the physical effects of what has taken place in the spiritual/heavenly realm. –To become the watchmen and gatekeepers of our own region –To experience the glory of God and become gates of the glory of God


Jubilee Circles – 50 miles radius; 100 miles diameter (Double Jubilee)

Each Circle will be divided into 4 quadrants. Each quadrant will be led by 1 local lead intercessor; thus, 4 local lead intercessors per Circle. 4 representing 4 winds, omnipresence of God & altar of God; 4 horns/arms of prayer on the altar (Exodus 27:2)

Each Circle will have one main lead intercessor, chosen from the 4 local lead intercessors of each Circle; thus 12 main lead intercessors across the state. 12 representing government and man; 12 fruits from the tree of life; to bring healing to the states and nations

Each Circle may have an unlimited number of individual prayer groups within it and an unlimited number of intercessors. Each individual prayer group will have its own leader.

Circles are not limited to ‘called Intercessors.’ Circles can include pastors, ministry leaders, lay people, anyone interested.

Prayer groups that are already established or new prayer groups are not required to pray only for Jubilee Circles issues. We welcome and support all prayer groups that choose to align with the vision of the Jubilee Circles and that desire to include Jubilee Circles prayer needs along with their other prayer concerns.

Pastor Torrez will visit each circle periodically.

Scripture References

Psalm 24:3 “Lift up your heads, O you gates; be lifted up, you ancient doors, that the King of Glory may come in.”
Joshua 19:27 ‘reach’ – to extend and make intercession for removing demonic forces
Judges 1:3 & 19:1,9 Judah asked Simeon to help, and they received the same blessing because they helped.
Judges 1:31,32 Asher did not drive out the inhabitants.
Judges 2:1-6,11,12 Verse 3 ‘snare’ – the people would be a snare (or offense) to the Israelites if not removed from the land Verse 4 ‘wept’ – not true repentance
Judges 3:9 ‘Othniel’ means “force of God.” Intercessors are praying that the Othniel spirit comes upon all intercessors. Othniel, Caleb’s nephew, delivered the people and then there were 40 years of peace. Ezekiel 1:15-21 Jubilee Circles are like Ezekiel’s wheels within wheels – picturing prophetic gifts, visions, dreams; also teaches ability to move in many directions.

Circle Specific information is available.


Wisconsin is to –
Appropriate the blood of Jesus over Wisconsin.
Proclaim the names of Jesus starting in the middle of the state, north to south Soak Wisconsin with the love of God – God is love (Jn 16:27; Rom 5:5; Jer 4:1-3; Hosea 10:12).
Continually intercede for revelation concerning Wisconsin destiny and strength to fulfill it.
Prophetically release; Isaiah 41 prophetic release was done on Saturday, September 20th, at Copper Harbor, Michigan. (Pastor Bidal Torrez, Pastor Paul Marin, Pastor Pat Wilmert and 35 intercessors. Hwy 41 travels from Copper Harbor, Michigan to Miami, Florida; crosses eight states).
Intercessors are the ‘new threshing rod with sharp teeth.’ (Isaiah 41:15-16). “Threshing” in Hebrew means ‘interceding, winning and rejoicing in the Lord.’ Micah 4:11-13 Your intercession gathered the principalities, etc. (Ephesians 6:10-20) to the threshing floor of judgment. As you intercede, He will make your horn (strength) like iron, your hooves (feet) like bronze and you will beat your enemy to pieces and you will give all the rewards to the Lord.